"Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been" by Joyce Carol Oates.

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As teenagers begin to grow and mature, their emerging sexuality becomes quite evident. Both girls and boys began to realize that members of the opposite sex are not icky and do not have "cooties." Beginning with holding hands, relationships begin to develop. This jump into adulthood and maturity is a positive occurrence. However this emerging sexuality has a dark side. Hormones spread like fire, often leading teenagers to go beyond simple kisses. Temptation surrounds teenagers, …

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…teenagers. This is evident due to the fact that she wrote her story based on a song, which also identified horrible events occurring to people. She feels that the song by Bob Dylan is a positive musical influence, unlike the music references in the story. Teenagers are easily influenced. It is the responsibility of society to see that they are influenced in a positive way. Only then can the Connies of the world be saved.