When you look back over your school years, which was the most enjoyable year for you?

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Looking back over all my school years, I don't think I have ever been very happy. It probably caused by my poor family environment and, it's also because I was never ever real proud of my study. There are so many frustrations in my school life, in study, in love and in social relationship. In all these years, there is only one light point in my memory- the third year of my university time. It's …

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…my job. I pursued to be a post-graduate student and study hard in English. Some hobbies of mine were also created in this year. Time goes so fast, 13 years passed after that year. There are still a lot of stories in my life. Like I said in the beginning of my article, there are so many fails around me. In my memory, the splendid year is really when I was a third year university student.