When people go up into space, many will immediately get space sickness. This essay will reveal some of the symptoms and the measures that can be taken to control it.

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"The first night in space when I was drifting off to sleep," recalled one Apollo astronaut, "I suddenly realized that I had lost track of ... my arms and legs. For all my mind could tell, my limbs were not there. However, with a conscious command for an arm or leg to move, it instantly reappeared -- only to disappear again when I relaxed." Another astronaut from the Gemini program reported waking in the dark during …

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…on different tricks to establish a common sense of "up". For example, all of the modules on the ISS will have a consistent "up" orientation. And the writing on the walls points in the same direction, too. Despite space sickness and occasional disorientation, living in space must also be a lot of fun! Fortunately, the brain quickly adapts. It learns to trust the eyes and reprograms signals from the vestibular system to reconcile the mismatch.