When You Were Born, They Must Have Thrown the Pattern Away

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Of all the characters in The Canterbury Tales, there is one that stands out as being the most interesting. Wearing her red stockings and flamboyant attire, the Wife of Bath makes it clear to her peers that she is "a woman of the night". Still, readers seem drawn to her as if by a magical spell - capturing their attention and curiosity. A person in the twentieth century who can similarly be compared with the …

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…one's moral standards are completely opposite of the other, they share a common character trait that seems to mesmerize the people watching and listening to them. Of all the people one meets in a lifetime, only a handful possesses the personality trait of Sylvia Brown and the Wife of Bath. The saying "when you were born, they must have thrown away the pattern," fits perfectly with the individuality of Sylvia and the Wife of Bath.