When PUsh Comes to Shove

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"When Push Comes to Shove" In August 1940 the continent of Europe was all but conquered by the Nazis. There was no army left to fight the Germans on the Western front. Adolf Hitler's troops had pushed 340,000 English soldiers off the coast at Dunkirk, back across the channel to England. The British Isles was the only conquest left for the Nazi Empire. France had crumbled to the pressure of German blitzkrieg only months before, and the …

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…both the RAF and the "Civilian Army" as the reasons for Germany losing the Battle of Britain. Hitler had under-estimated the determination and mental toughness of the a unified English culture. Not one Nazi soldier crossed the English Channel, and the idea of German invincibility was debunked. As London burned, the people only seemed to grow stronger. This victory in the sky and on the homefront, served as the first step toward German surrender in 1945.