What was the real Loius Riel.

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Who was Louis Riel? People describe him in many different ways. He was called a saint, a sinner, a prophet, a madman, a traitor, and even a "father" of confederation. There are many reasons why there is such a wide range of views regarding this man. He is a saint because he gave the Métis the gift of knowledge about God. He is a sinner for killing Thomas Scott. He is a prophet because …

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…It could also be said that Riel was held up as an example to others by the government. For his role in the rebellion he was sentenced to death along with 11 other natives. Although only 12 were sentenced to death, more than 25 other men were given prison sentences for participating in the same rebellion. The government had put Riel to death as a warning to others who thought they might challenge the authority of the government.