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What sort of man reads playboy "What Sort of Man Reads Playboy?" "What sort of man reads Playboy? He's a man who turns his leisure time into an adventure...He's a man with a discriminating eye...He's a man who is smart about his future." Playboy-Aug.,Sept.,Oct. 1996 While flipping through the pages of a once controversial but now globally excepted magazine, one will find an interesting advertisement within the covers of Playboy. There is …

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…extremely susceptible to give in to Playboys message. On the other hand, if ones social concepts are not domineering, he should be able to see through the emotional appeals and statistical persuasion and realize, "It is just a cheap ad to get me to buy this magazine. Anyway, I don't see a picture of Bill Clinton reading it." So what sort of man reads Playboy? From a personal standpoint I think viewer discretion is advised.