What role will poetry play in the year 2000- and what exactly is poetry anyway!

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What role will poetry play in the year 2000? -and what exactly is poetry anyway! ‘An artistic way of describing things’....sounds nice. ‘A persons effort to express himself through rhyme or not’....interesting. ‘rhyming lines’....not always. ‘Attractive verses’....close. ‘don’t av a clue mate!’.............. Whilst trying to establish a definition for the word ‘poetry’ as you can see from the answers to my questionnaire I came across interesting, amusing and clever descriptions. My …

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…it is obvious that the role of poetry is expanding both as a commercial tool and as a private indulgence in our leisure time. Today there are new poets for every mood and occasion, there are more song writers, more script-writers, more advertisements, more poets than ever before. This is because poetry has many roles from persuading Mr. Smith to buy a Mars bar to giving Dot the laundry lady endless hours of pure enjoyment.