What makes Achilleus and Hektor the heroes of the Iliad

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Homer's Iliad, is a book about war. It was a war between the Greeks and the Trojans around 1100 BC. This story is mainly about two warriors: Achilleus and Hektor, both of them are the greatest in their own country. However, what makes them heroes of this book? Besides their great combat skill, I would suggest their way to face their own death distinguished them from other characters in the book. In the story, Achilleus knew …

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…which is in itself a negation of human things, barbaric and impure. But there is a nobility in men's capacity to act and at the same time comprehend themselves and their situation" (Redfield 101-2). The fearless action of Achilleus and Hektor, and their reasons of their action, can conclude they are the real heroes in the Iliad. REFERENCE Redfield, James M. Nature and Culture in the Iliad. The University of Chicago Press, 1975, Chicago: pg. 101-2.