What is your idea of truly "fair" grading? Very short essay concerning college grades.

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A few terms ago, I was in a course with an unnamed instructor, when he informed our entire class that most instructors at xxx are very lax when grading. He said, and this is a true story, that if the students deserve a "C," they are given a "B," if the student deserves a "B," they are given an "A." His casual remark made me sick. I still don't know if he was being candid …

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…to make themselves truly look better at evaluation time, some instructors are very cool and much loved at the college; some are naïve or forced to improvise for the given situation, some have the luxury of grading their students the way they wanted to be graded when they were the students. But, we are all at their grading mercies. "Fair" grading is whatever I manage to receive on my report card...that is fair.