What is the role of the Australian Legal System in establishing rights, responsibilities and values? Discuss this in relevence to the Euthanasia debate.

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It is the role of a legal system to establish rights and responsibilities, and to uphold society's values. It is a given fact, however, that society's values will shift and change with the sands of time and, therefore, so too must the rights and responsibilities associated with those values. The most basic of rights granted to Australian citizens are contained within the Constitution. These include the right to vote in local, state and federal elections; …

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…to increase. Several parliaments across the globe have taken the risk and enacted legislation permitting voluntary euthanasia. It seems only a matter of time before a parliament in Australia (be it state or federal) does the same. One need only look at the practice of abortion, an exercise still against the law in all but one of the states, to see the way in which a morally controversial issue can become commonplace in our society.