What is the purpose of advertising? Essay shows an example of the purpose of advertising. (To sell a concept, not a product).

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Why Kool Cigarettes are "Cool" I'm going to tell you exactly why Kool cigarettes are "cool." I never believed that smoking a cigarette could make me "cool" but this company was able to make a believer out of me and I guarantee that I will be able to make a believer out of you. Kool cigarettes will give you everything you have ever desired in life: relaxation, popularity and most importantly for most of us, …

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…course you would, but this is the fictitious situation that advertisers want all men to believe. The advertisers want men to believe that the cigarette will bring them fame, fortune, popularity and a lot of women, but in reality, the cigarettes won't be able to do any of that. When it comes to success, it is the person's abilities that will determine whether they are successful and not the type of cigarette that they smoke.