What is the proper role of government?

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It is inherent to human nature to crave power and likewise, to want to obey. Though these two characteristics may seem contradictory, I believe they are consistent with the foundations of government in general terms. Governments essentially support the "power in numbers" cliché; for what may be impossible for an individual to accomplish alone, may be conceivable, and even simple, for the organized, hierarchical institution of a government. Yet with great power undoubtedly comes opposition …

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…isn't a "best" form of government, maybe the efficiency of the government lies with the characteristics of the people who are under it; democracy may work great for the people of America, but not for the people of China. The case for the proper role of government is as variable and changing as the individuals involved, and I do not believe there will ever be a simple solution to questions of freedom, order and equality.