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Jesica Peratt 10 7 -99 Do Green Martians Really Exist? Do you ever wonder if there is life on other planets? Im referring to little green bodies walking around with six eyes, two heads, and drool escalating from their mouths. As a child I use to lye in bed and imagine things like this. I would daydream of a whole different world, of unknown language, habits, and lifestyles. Others may not have experienced these daydream excursions; …

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…extraterrestrial life beyond Earth, you'll find that there is a lot of concrete evidence based strongly on religious faith, but not any real physical evidence. I feel that this topic will always remain a mystery to mankind. It will always be there for us to wonder about and be deceived by. As for everyone else in this world, anything you believe to be real is as real as you believe it to be. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**