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Shin Buddhism was the creation of Shinran Shonin, who lived in Japan around 800 years ago. He saw, as did Buddha, that what stands in the way of our awakening to the Dharma is really only us. Specifically, it is our ego, or that illusion we have that we are a fixed and separate entity apart from everything else. Thus, Shin Buddhism starts by getting us to see our egocentric, arrogant and self-centered nature. Shin Buddhism "…

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…our self (humility). Amida Butsu (Amida Buddha) expresses the recognition that our futility is embraced and liberated by the Dharma. In other words, "bow to" (seek the truth) and be saved by the Dharma. To Shinran Shonin, these two terms, Shinjin and Namu Amida Butsu, are all we need to live if we where Buddhists. Bibliography Work Cited Compton’s Encyclopedia on AOL Columbia Concise on AOL “What is Shin Buddhism” By Franklin E. Zimring ©1994