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Irony is a method of assertion used by authors in literature and poetry. Although many writers have employed this literary technique for centuries, the meaning of the word can be difficult to understand. This essay will help to describe the correct meaning of this diverse word and illustrate how it is used. The Canadian Intermediate Dictionary defines irony as “a method of expression in which the meaning intended is the opposite of that expressed” (613). This …

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…alezon. Irony derives from the discrepancy between appearance and reality, and our efforts to ignore or know more about that discrepancy. Irony requires careful control by its user and adroit intelligence on the part of its consumer. The audience has to work at reading obliqueness, translating indirection in the surface text into a more directly challenging subtext. Bibliography Works Cited Avis, Walter S. Canadian Intermediate Dictionary 613, 1012 (1979) Findlay, Isobel M. “A Modest Proposal.” Introduction to Literature (2001): 11