What gets Hamlet to act?

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A Time to Kill What gets Hamlet to finally act and avenge his father's murder? I think we need to take a closer look at Hamlet, and his state of mind for the answer. Hamlet was a student at the University of Wittenberg when he is called home to bury his father. He wishes to return to school after his father is laid to rest. However he is persuaded to stay against his will, at …

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…This world is not for him, his heart too sensitive for the harsh realities he has experienced. He prefers death, the longing for peace and rest from the villains he has faced in his mind and in his life. Hamlet's friend Horatio sends him off with the words "Good night sweet prince, and flights of angles sing thee to thy rest! (5.2.334-335). A permanent rest from the corrupt, and debased world Hamlet found himself in.