What does "Leagility" mean in reference to supply chain design?

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Today's fast paced business performance requires constant attention and effort; the process is a never-ending production and movement of goods from production to the customer. In the past, large economies ruled the manufacturing world and everybody knew that mass production and full utilization of plant capacity was the way to make money. This style of manufacturing resulted in inflexible plants that could not be easily reconfigured, and were associated with swollen amounts of raw materials, …

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…no. 16, 3561-3600, Luis M. Sanchez and Rakesh NagIy http://www.acsu.buffalo.edu/~nagi/pubs/paperlms.pdf Naylor, J., Naim, M., Berry, D. "Leagility: Integrating the Lean and Agile Manufacturing Paradigms in the Total Supply Chain," International Journal of Production Economics 1999, p.62. The Future of Manufacturing Strategy, December 1999, Kris F. Hudgens BEng, MBA candidate and Jonathan A. McDevitt BA, MBA candidate Manufacturing Strategy, Owen Graduate School of Management http://www.krishudgens.com/Term%20Project.htm