What do Buddhists and Christians teach about the significance, purpuse and value of human life?

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What do Buddhism and Christianity teach about the significance, purpose and value of human life? BUDDHISM ' The concern of Buddhism is with man rather than with the material universe. The phenomenal world is held to be without substance and to be in a constant condition of flux. Man himself is no less impermanent than the material world.'* ¾ Human life is subject to Anicca, the law of impermanence. This means that nothing ever stays …

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…human being. The Buddhist rules are called 'The Five Precepts' and the Christian rules are the 'Ten Commandments'. Followers of both religions must follow their rules to attain their ultimate goals (Nirvana or Heaven) but they must also put in some extra. Buddhists must nurture their Karmas and Christians must ingratiate themselves to God. * Bryan Ronald Wilson in: Religious Toleration & Religious Diversity ¹ Pope John Paul II in: The Value of Human Life