What are the problems the Asylum Seekers have in their own country?

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What are the problems the Asylum Seekers have in their own country? There are many countries, especially among developing countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America, where ordinary people have no say in whatever the governments do. There are problems of political repression. Even under so-called democratic countries if one criticizes, the government, politicians, their policies the general tendency is to persecute them. This persecution process includes arrest, indefinite detention, torture, and death at the …

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…are vulnerable human beings whose dignity should be respected. It is simply not good enough that those who arrive on our shores and cry for help are treated--in Boris Pasternak's memorable words--as 'nameless numbers on a list that was afterwards mislaid'. If we spurn them, we reveal nothing about them, but much about ourselves. All that limiting the benefits to these refugees will do is blight Australia's reputation for humanity, and damage their resettlement prospects.