What affects the frequency of a pendulum?

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Problem: What affects the frequency of a pendulum? Hypothesis: The longer the length of the pendulum the lower the frequency. Procedure: We tied one end of the string to two magnets and the other end 60 cm away from the magnets. Then we pulled the magnet, at three different lengths, to the side and counted the amount of swings back and forth in 30 seconds. We repeated this two other times with the string at 40 cm and …

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…to the side did not change it. The only thing that we checked that changed the amount of cycles was the length of the pendulum. This information caused much thinking about other things that would or would not change the amount of cycles. The only thing that I could think of to change the results other then changing the length of the string was to make the air resistance a big factor. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography** none