What Were The Costs And Benefits Of Cultural Interaction And Trade Spurred By The Crusades

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The Crusades had a major impact on the history of Europe. The costs and benefits of the Crusades were many and many things changed because of the Crusades. The balance of power in Europe changed dramatically during the time of the Crusades. In this paper I shall tell you about these changes produced by the costs and benefits of the Crusades. One effect the Crusades had was the change in the balance of power between …

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…Crusades weren’t just an ordinary set of petty wars but a set of petty wars that brought new ideas and technology into Europe at an astounding rate. Even though many bad things came from the Crusades and the Crusades were a complete failure in what they were originally meant to do the Crusades are integral parts of European history. I hope my paper has enlightened you about the cost and benefits of the Crusades.