What We as African Americans can do to Increase the Unity and Progress in the Black Community.

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We as African Americans are constantly living in a transitional era. As changes occur, we must make a distinct effort to improve our community. There is a great need for more homeless shelters, recreational facilities, and black owned businesses throughout Detroit. It seems that the homeless population is on the rise. Our homless missions currently provide food and shelter for them. More African Americans should open institutions for the homeless, which would decrease the number …

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…owned businesses such as party stores, restaurants, gas stations and beauty salons, which are quite successful. There are other types of businesses, that we as African Americans should own. I am sure with 100% of our support that more independent corporations will succeed. Based on the different aspects mentioned, it is obvious that we have come a long way since the 20th Century. With our togetherness, we will continue to advance far into the 21st Century.