What Role Did These People Play in Black and White Relations? -Rosa Parks -Martin Luther King -Rodney King

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Racial segregation assumed its form in the United States after the Civil War. It meant that in America, African Americans were denied many rights that they were entitled to. They were prevented from voting, denied equal share in community life, were forced to attend special schools, and were forced to only occupy special areas in public transport, (among other things). But eventually the African American people had had enough, and so the civil rights movement …

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…electric fences, for beating a white man, in 1993. These three people had a lot to do with the civil rights movement in America. Rosa Parks, we can see, started the whole movement going. Martin Luther King kept it going by organizing many marches, and campaigning strongly for equal opportunity. And in Rodney King's case it just shows how much racism affected people in the early 1990s and just how far America still had to come.