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West and Torgovnick: Manichean Ideologies Both Cornel West and Marianna De Marco Torgovnick discuss the idea of supremacy, Manichean theologies, and authoritarian behavior in their essays. However, they deal with these ideas differently and for different reasons. In West’s essay, “Malcolm X and Black Rage”, he explains Mal¬ colm X’s views on how to transfer black rage in such a way that it would reject supremacy. In Torgovnick’s essay, “On Being White, …

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…and black religion- reject Manichean ideologies and authoritarian...” (West 119). West explains that Malcolm X’s notion of psychic conversion will channel black rage to black humanity and love. Both West and Torgovnick deal with supremacy, Manichean ideologies, and authoritarian behavior. However, they have different ways of dealing with things. Cornal West uses Malcolm X’s writings to deal with these ideologies, while Marianna De Marco Torgovnick does so by referring to her hometown of Bensonhurst.