Werner syndrome

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Abstract: Nowadays those involved in aging research view aging in terms of a genetic disease rather than as a natural, evolution-driven process by which the old make way for the young. A condition of aged friends and relatives seems terrible to conceive; they are afflicted with a ghastly wasting disease, a plague whose effects are inescapable because of our own genes. People plagued with Werner syndrome do not even have the opportunity to experience this …

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…rapid acceleration in aging, appears to encode a DNA-unwinding enzyme, and may provide clues to cancer and other diseases of old age. Yu, Chang-En; Oshima, Junko. "Positional Cloning of the Werner's syndrome Gene". Science, vol 272. Geriatric Research Education and Clinical Center. Seattle, 1996. The identification of a mutative putative helicase as the gene product of the Werner's syndrome gene suggests that defective DNA metabolism is involved in the complex process of aging in Werner' syndrome patients.