Were the colonies justified for waging war and breaking away from Britain?

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1763 marked the end of French and Indian war and caused a great celebration and pride in the American colonies. But, in next twelve years, the same pride was altered by at bitter and violent conflict with the mother country. The injustices of the mother country finally led the American colonists to declare independence and wage war against it. American colonies were justified for waging war and breaking away from Britain because they were defending themselves …

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…in Europe, British was finally forced to make a peace with American colonies. Americans achieved their independence as reluctant revolutionaries. They had resisted and protested a series of taxes and imperial regulations and taken up arms as their last available means to stop what they believed to be London's calculated usurpation of their liberties. In protest and in arms, they invoked their inherited rights as Englishmen rather than a new standard of rights and citizenship.