Were the Revolution in the European countries in 1848 Important?

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-- Introduction Many European countries revolted in 1848, because people desired for political changes. Either independence of their country or freedom of individuals became important at that time. Instead of being ruled by the higher levels, nationalism or liberalism became focused. The desire of nationalism or liberalism caused the revolutions in 1848. -- Why were there so many revolutions? Many revolutions occurred in European countries in 1848. Although the reasons for the revolutions were not all the same, …

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…for political changes. Although most of the revolutions were unsuccessful, countries were able to gain some political changes. In Italy and Germany, the people gained confidence to fight for what they desired, and hoped for the future. Since most of the revolts ended up as a failure, the people probably learned from their mistakes. Therefore, the revolutions in 1848 were important because if nothing had changed the European countries drastically, present Europe would not have existed.