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Billy Arment Eng. Comp. II WC 1028 Problem Solving Essay Maintaining High Quality Tiled Floors It is a beautiful clear early evening with stars shinning above; and the downtown business community is a buzz. Shops line each side of the attractive street as far as the eye can see. The streets trimmed with wide, clean, free of debris side walks carefully placed leafy trees adorned in white flickering lights, and fine white rock in an area …

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…quality tiled floors. With the evidence presented here today one would have to come to the conclusion that a well-maintained tiled floor is overwhelmingly far better than substandard floors. If one is still not convinced of how important high quality high gloss floors are to a business contract cleaners challenge that person to go to any Walmart store and see for ones self. Their floors are always maintained extremely well. Bibliography problem soving self expeience