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Webster-Ashburton Treaty: Daniel Webster was motivated to settle the boundary between Maine and New Brunswick. In 1783, a treaty had been made that awarded the U.S. all land in the area drained by rivers flowinginto the Atlantic instead of into the St. Lawrence. However, the diction of this treaty was not straightforward and the maps were conflicting. In 1842, Lord Ashburton was sent by the British as a minister, to try and establish all outstanding conflicts. …

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…otherwise Britain could demand the whole region. Websterís generosity was admirable and made a lot of sense. It caused Lord Ashburton to make concessions in other areas along the Canadian-American border. Due to Americaís increasing need to British capitol and Britainís rising dependancy on foriegn foodstuffs, war, or even conflicts would have obstructed essential business affairs and produced no compensating gains. This treaty was a major aid in the avoidance of war.