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Locke and Rousseau - Compare/Contrast By: Bec E-mail: Although their ideologies sometimes clashed, and they came from two distinctly different epochs in the course of political development, John Locke and Jean-Jacques Rousseauís fundamental arguments address several similar points. These five main themes which significantly overlap and thus cannot be addressed separately, are the state of nature, the basis for the development of government, the primary intent of government, the state …

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…strong emphasis on limited government, which is a fundamental component of the ideologies of both the modern republican and libertarian parties. Despite the fact that Locke and Rousseauís ideas clearly exemplify both sides of the modern political spectrum (Locke representing the right, and Rousseau the left), a balance between Lockeís desire for protection of the individual liberties and Rousseauís need for a structured society had managed to balance itself out quite well.