Weapons of the Civil War

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The Weapons of the Civil War Basic Terminology a - knob f - muzzle face k - chamber b - neck g - muzzle l - bore c - vent h - rimbase d - trunnion i - cascable e - muzzle swell j - breech Basic Weapons The system of ordnance adopted by the U.S. Army in the 1840's was the picture of simplicity: six- and 12-pounder field guns, 12-, 24-, and 32-pounder …

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…the iron tube distinguished Parrott's cannons. His first rifled cannon design, a 10-pounder (2.9-inch calibre), was turned out in 1860. By the next year he had developed the 20-pounder (3.67-inch calibre) and 30-pounder (4.2-inch calibre) versions, among other models. In 1864 the 3-inch Parrott rifle replaced the 10-pounder (2.9-inch calibre) rifle. In 1867, Parrott turned the execution of the foundry over to other parties, but he continued to experiment with projectile and fuses until his demise on December 24, 1877.