Weapons in WW1

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Weapons in World War I I chose the topic on weapons in the war because I thought it would be interesting learning about the weapons that people used in war. The most popular weapon used in war was probably the machine gun. Weapons were the most important things for the war. If they didn't have weapons, maybe there wouldn't even have been a war. Many weapons were even created during the war. The first tank …

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…of the tank in mud. These weapons played major roles in the destruction of every country in the war. As I have been doing my research I noticed that the Central powers invented most of the new weapons during the war. I have learnt that World War I was a gruesome battle in which many lives were lost. Bibliography Bibliography 1. Internet Address. http://www.iol.com.au/~conway/ww1/weapons.html 2. World Book Encyclopedia. Version 21, 1981.