"We were Soldiers" and the novel "all Quiet on the Western Front".

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Comparison & Contrast Of: All Quiet On The Western Front & We Were Soldiers The Novel " All Quiet on the Western Front" and the movie "We were soldiers" starring Mel Gibson are both stories about the war. The both have similar and different Themes, Protagonists and Plots. The brutalities of the stories are similar, the compassion of the main characters is similar but the plots of the novel and the movie are different. Firstly, The …

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…story are both compassionate men trying to live their life and fight for their country yet it doesn't seem to be worth leaving their loved ones behind. The plots of the novel and the movie are very different, the novel focuses directly upon Paul his experiences and in "We Were Soldiers" the war is looked upon as a whole big picture. They are similar in the themes and main character but different in the plot.