Ways to find if a web-site is credible.

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How to Determine if a Website is Credible 1. Printed material is more credible then Internet material because it has usually been looked over and critiqued by an editor, while documents shown on the Internet may not have been because it is not something that is demanded for all websites. 2. According to Robert Harris there is opinions, facts, reasoned arguments, statistics, narratives, eyewitness reports, descriptions, stories and interpretations all available through the Internet. 3. To find out …

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…Is there a date on the document? - Is the information one sided? - Is the information hateful or angry? - Are their claims that are unreasonable? - Is the information consistent? - Is the information exaggerated? - Can you find the same information on at least three other sites? - Can you find the authors sources? - Is the website from a domain or is it a free site? (ex. www.geocities.com/information)