Waves and How They Affect Life.

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Waves effect our everyday life in many ways. Waves are very interesting ways to travel, and we don't mean surfing! Many things we use every day involve waves. Lights and sounds are examples of everyday uses that travel by wave. On the spectrum of light there are waves listed which are X-Rays, UV-Rays, and Infrared. Some of these are harmful to life, and some of these are helpful to life, where mostly they all serve …

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…some of the rays, such as sun block for UV-Rays and ear plugs for high pitched sounds. Natural ways to prevent the harms were also provided for us by nature, such as the particles in the air (such as dust and moisture) or even the o zone layer. Humans have discovered many interesting facts about waves and how they affect our lives and we will continue to discover more and more as time goes by.