Water testing.

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Introduction A watershed is a surrounding land area that serves as drainage for a stream. It may cover a few acres of land surrounding a very small stream or includes large rivers. The quality of a stream depends on its watershed and human activities that occur there. The most common types of water pollution are bacteria, viruses, or protists, which are human pathogens, organic wastes, sediments, toxic chemicals such as pesticides, organic waste such as …

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…tests had no color change. This indicates that were no harmful bacteria or pathogens in the water. Works Cited 1. Groundwater Rule. © Hach Company 1996-2003. www.hach.com 2. "Fecal Coliform" Grunge Water. April 28, 2003. http://www.ncsu.edu/chass/extension/ci/swimdog/crabtreecreek/fecalcoliform.htm 3. Knisely, Karin. A Student Handbook for Writing in Biology. Massachusettes, Sinauer Associates, Inc. 2002. 4. Morton, David and James W. Perry and Joy B. Perry. Laboratory Manual for Biology. Brooks/Cole Thomson Learning. California. 2002.