Water crisis in the Middle East.

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Water is a ubiquitous resource, vital to support life, and therefore a prerequisite for peace and security in a region. The demand for water to serve the expanding Middle Eastern populations and burgeoning industries continue to increase, however, fresh-water supplies are finite, and it is becoming more and more difficult to utilize them on a renewable and sustainable basis. By nature, the Middle East is an arid region, with few major water sources that need …

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…tension and friction between nations will also decrease as the need for water is lessened. References: Darwish, Adel. Water is behind Turkey Syria Border Tension. October 6, 1998. October 2, 2002. <http://www.mideastnews.com/water001.html > Elmore, Barbara. Middle East Water Issues: Nine Lessons Towards Peace. October 3, 2002. <http://www.uh.edu/hti/curriculum_units/2001_Seminars/vol_5/PDF/Elmore_Unit.pdf > Murakami, Masahiro. Managing Water For Peace: Alternative Strategies. New York: United Nations University Press. 1995.