Washington's Farewell Address (his stances on sectionalism, political parties and foriegn policy).

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Washington had strong objections to sectionalism. He believed that if states acted only independently then the United States would be weaker as a whole. Each area of the country had specific advantages for keeping a close relationship with the other three areas. The biggest advantages had to do with resources, security and less tension within the union. Each area had specific resources to offer the other areas. For example, the North had manufactured goods and …

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…war between the French and the British. Since both were allies and Americans were siding with either the French or English, it was tearing the public apart. Washington recommended neutrality in all foreign matters that the United States has no part in. This would avoid unnecessary war and keep both alliances when the war ended. Although Washington felt that the United States should be fair, on the other hand personal interest should be first priority.