Was The Internment Of Japanese Canadainas During World War 2 Justified

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By the eve of Pearl Harbor, nearly 23,000 people of Japanese descent lived in Canada, principally in British Columbia. Three quarters of these people were Canadian born citizens. After the bombing of Pearl Harbor by the Japanese Army, the Canadian government put the War Measures Act in effect and interned all of Canada’s Nikkei. Was the Canadian government justified in interning Japanese Canadians during World War II? No, the government was wrong in interning the …

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…forced him into putting the War Measures Act into affect. The Canadian Government was wrong in interning the Nikkei because it was a violation of their human rights and freedoms, it was unlawful, and based on prejudice. The government not only treated the Japanese Canadians with such cruelty during the war but they kept the War Measures Act in effect until 1949, to force the Japanese to move out of Canada or return back to Japan.