Was Socrates Wise or A Wise Guy

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Socrates was a unique individual with an unordinary style of living. One main goal everyday for Socrates was to determine wheter or not what the oracle said was true. He would do this by asking questions to individaulas. What he wanted us to know was if he was actually the wises man in Greece. He wanted to see if no one was wiser! To our generation living today, the question still arises of wheather Socrates …

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…or not. To those few who would actually stop and listen to a man asking others questions would actually realize that he knew what he was talking about. They would pass him as an honest, humble, out-of-the-ordinary person. To those who love, respect, understand, believe and worship Socrates he was a wise man. TO THOSE WHO ARE CONFUSED AND MAKE IRRATIONAL DECISIONS IN THEIR LIFE, HE WOULD BE SOMEONE LOOKING FOR TROUBLE, A WISE GUY.