War on New Orleans

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Summary of the Battle of New Orleans in the American Civil War The battle of New Orleans in the American Civil War was a result if the federal government’s plan to seize New Orleans, one of the most important cities in the South. A naval squadron under the Union captain David Farragut, carrying troops in the lower Mississippi River in the Spring of 1862. To prevent the captures of New Orleans Confederates placed a heavy …

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…earliest hours of April 24. The Union forces sank or captured 9 out of the 17 Confederate vessels, emerging without damage to their own ships they proceeded to New Orleans. The city inadequately protected by only 3,000 Confederate troops fell on April 25, was occupied by federal troop on May 1, and was held for the duration of the war. The loss of New Orleans gateway to the Mississippi River and Valley and chief city and port the Confederate was catastrophic.