War Situation: War against Iraq, or a war against Islam?

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The war against Iraq currently under sway is pitted as a battle for freedom for the Iraqis. The Iraqis now live under the regime of Saddam Hussein, a tyrant that oppresses them greatly. The main focus of the United States government is to free the Iraqis by ending Saddam's grip on power. This will benefit Americans by ridding another threat of terrorism and will also provide peace and democracy in the turmoil of the Middle …

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…likely cost the lives of many coalition troops for the freedom of the Iraqis. The United States' aims are noble, but it is quite possible that those aims can be seen as dubious by many Arabs and Muslims, who have long despised the United States control over the Middle East by supporting Israel. On a personal level, I feel strongly that this is a war Saddam Hussein and his oppressive regime, rather than against Islam.