Wandering Girl, what insights have you gained about the insights Glenyse gained as a person

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From your study of "Wandering Girl", what insights have you gained about the challenges Glenyse faced as a young person? "Wandering Girl" by Glenyse Ward tells her story of a young Aboriginal girl living a life of many challenges. She was taken away from her mother at the age of three and was brought up in a Catholic mission called "Wandering" until the age of 16. From there Glenyse went to work for the Bigelows, a …

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…and make something of her life. I think Glenyse was a very brave person to leave the Bigelow farm and to start a new life. Glenyse realised there was nothing bad about herself. It was the Bigelows who need changing. Glenyse moved on from being a slave and found a real job, working as a nurse in a hospital. There was no looking back for Glenyse. She was her own self, living her own life.