Walden by Thoreau, a Satirical criticism

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Topic 2 #3 (Satirical criticism) Walter Harding is most accurate when he said you could read Walden as a satirical criticism of modern life and living. Another way of saying this would be that Thoreau writes in a way that he is criticizing the way modern people are living. In fact, he believes, that we could be living in a different way, which would ideally be a more nature-oriented and simplistic form of living. In other words, …

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…I must also let you know that the examples I provided were chosen out of many possible ones, so there is always more evidence to prove that Thoreau's purpose was to criticize. Also Thoreau is very justified in his points, and it is easy to understand these ideas that he gives. Society is getting lazier and considering this literature lets us take a step back and look at where we are headed in this world.