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WOMEN'S NATIONAL BASKETBALL LEAGUE Marketing Management Michelle Jones November 24, 1999 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY It is the intent of the WNBA to provide great basketball action to sport lovers. They intend to do this by increasing the visibility of the WNBA, normalizing repeat buyers, and offering more flexible options to its supporters. The WNBA is targeting women and families as their primary market and therefore selling ticket to youth groups and community organizations. Their current situation is stable …

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…u/communities/phoenix/arizcent/jul97/cohnb71097.htm 3) Kallam, Clay. (1999) NCAA should be less predictable than WNBA. Retrieved on November 16, 1999 from www.cbs.sportsline…ce/multi/0,1329,1589254_33,00.html 4) Schoffener, Chuck (1999) Two games produce changes in women's poll. Retrieved on November 16, 1999 from www.cbs.sportsline…stories/0,1169,1579466_58,00.html Note: I was able to conduct personal interview with Carol Glassmeyer, Senior Director of Market Partnership & NBA Properties (212) 407-8581 and Vera Jones-Sewell, commentator for the New York Liberty (904) 446-5011. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**