Voltaires Candide

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VOLTAIRE’S CANDIDE The beginning of the 17th century marked many changes for Europe. These changes were both physical and philosophical in nature. Common citizens were tired of being abused, mistreated and most of all labeled as peasants and commoners by the aristocracy. They were fed up with the hypocrisy of the church and the abuse of power by its leaders in the name of God. One man stood tall above the rest. Francois Marie …

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…speaking on very controversial topics such as innate human nature, religious practices and aristocratic bigotry among others that many were afraid and ignorant at the same time to speak of. He used Candide to ridicule and teach at the same time. Every character, event and tragedy that happened in the novel “Candide” had significant relevance to his views and the mockery that it portrayed was what made him famous and hated at the same time.