Voltaire on the Church, true Religion, and the Role of Jesus in it

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Voltaire an eighteenth century French philosopher and prolific writer is well known for his literary satirical attacks. One of Voltaireís attacks was of traditional Christianity and the Catholic church in On Toleration. He criticized the church on the grounds that it was overly superstitious. There were many superstitions that were held by the church: a geocentric universe, the tides not being due to gravity, a rainbow not being a phenomenon of light, etc. Voltaire …

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…that Christ was just endeavoring to point out a principle which was timeless and which all men should follow. Voltaire believed that men should treat all other men according to how they would want to be treated and that this was the true religion. He felt that Christís objective on Earth was to remind us of this ancient principle so that we as humans could grasp and utilize it for the betterment of mankind.