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Pride – being proud, inordinate self-esteem; and unreasonable conceit of one’s own superiority over others. Insufficient – not sufficient, inadequate to any need, use or purpose. Consequence – that which follows from any act, cause, principles or series of actions. Pliancy – quality of being pliant; easiness to be vent; readiness to be influenced. Ductility – a yielding disposition of mind; ready compliance. Commendation – praise, favorable representation of words, declaration of esteem; respects; greeting; message of love. Synonymously – to …

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…in your dad) to disturb; to agitate; to disorder; to confuse. Mediocre – of moderate degree or quality; of middle rate; middling. Merited – to earn or deserved. Negligent – careless; heedless; neglectful. Eccentric – given to act in a way peculiar to one’s self and different from other people; odd. Hermitage – a person who retires from society and lives in solitude; a recluse or a kind-of French wine. Disdain – to deem or regard as worthless. Bibliography None