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A computer virus is executable code that, when run by someone, infects or attaches itself to other executable code in a computer in an effort to reproduce itself. Some computer viruses are malicious, erasing files or locking up systems; others merely present a problem solely through the act of infecting other code. In either case, though, computer virus infections should not go untreated. Viruses come in many shapes and sizes, such as, file viruses, cluster …

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…can spread. Virus can also be a system virus. Computer operating systems typically set aside a portion of each disk for code to boot the computer. Under DOS, this section is called a boot sector on floppies or a master boot record (MBR) for hard disks. System viruses store themselves in this area and hence are invoked whenever the disk is used to boot the system. A virus must be executed by someone, ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**